Champagne Facial Bundle

Champagne Facial Bundle

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We are so excited for you to pamper yourself at home with our Unique Champagne Facial!

What is included?

  • Pure Clay Mask
  • Champagne Bottle
  • Beflawless Headband


The classic bubbly drink is festive, fun and just a little bit girly. This at-home beauty treatment uses the antioxidants and toning properties found in the grapes that make up champagne. So you can have a glass of champagne to enjoy while your toning and detoxing your skin.

This fragrance free pure, natural Clay Mask is all organic using detoxifying clay. Our clay mask is unique in its composition, quality and purity. lt will deep clean, absorb impurities and detoxify . Ghassoul clay helps to promote a silky soft, smooth toned skin complexion free from dryness, blemishes and blocked pores. Great for hair and scalp too.

How To Use

If you need a little detoxifying, then you can use champagne alone as a facial toner as well. This anti-inflammatory treatment will pull toxins from the skin while the antioxidants from the champagne will soothe your skin and give it a lovely glow.

Simply mix the clay with our champagne to create a smooth creamy texture, then glide effortlessly over your face, neck and even hair as desired; Within seconds, you will feel a gentle tightening, as the intense detoxification begins to absorb impurities and harmful substances.

Ghassoul clay is known to help promote a buttery soft, smooth and toned skin complexion by helping draw unwanted blackheads and impurities that block pores. Your hair will feel light, manageable and conditioned, with curls defined and frizz controlled.

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