diamond glow dusters-bundle
diamond glow dusters-bundle

Diamond Glow Dusters bundle


The “Diamond Glow Dusters” are still available for purchase at discounted price for limited time, and this bundle allows you to have one unit of each Diamond Glow Duster (7 in total) for only $84.00 and you will receive two brushes for free. Regular price is $105.00!

Create a gorgeous flawless look using our loose powder diamond dusters. The finer particles in these dusters create an ultimate glow as soon as they are applied. Use a little for a sheer subtle wash of color or layer it for a dramatic intense look. Long lasting, blendable pigments never streak, are anti-cakey, creating exactly the eye-catching look you are going for.

This bundle includes:

1 unit of Diamond Dust
1 unit of Ice Dust
1 unit of Moonlight
1 unit of Princess
1 unit of Golden Goddess
1 unit of Topaz
1 unit of Vixen
2 brushes (complimentary)


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