Diamond Glow Dusters bundle

Diamond Glow Dusters bundle

(2 customer reviews)

$105.00 $28.00

The “Diamond Glow Dusters” are still available for purchase, and this bundle allows you to have one unit of each Diamond Glow Duster (7 in total) for only $28.00. Regular price for this bundle is $105.00!

Create a gorgeous flawless look using our loose powder diamond dusters. The finer particles in these dusters create an ultimate glow as soon as they are applied. Use a little for a sheer subtle wash of color or layer it for a dramatic intense look. Long lasting, blendable pigments never streak, are anti-cakey, creating exactly the eye-catching look you are going for.

This bundle includes:

1 unit of Diamond Dust
1 unit of Ice Dust
1 unit of Moonlight
1 unit of Princess
1 unit of Golden Goddess
1 unit of Topaz
1 unit of Vixen

2 reviews for Diamond Glow Dusters bundle

  1. person By access_time Published on

    Love them, best birthday gift my husband gave me. I so in love with the liquid to mate lipstick

    5 out of 5
  2. person By access_time Published on

    I love it i just go my lipstick and two of this

    5 out of 5
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