Dry/Dehydrated Kit

Dry/Dehydrated Kit

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This ultimate hydration kit is all your skin needs to replenish moisture by restoring the skin’s moisture balance to leave skin hydrated, protected, and visibly smoother and radiant!

This Kit includes:

  • Diamond Facial Cleanser
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Hyaluronic Moisturizer
  • Tinted SPF

Diamond Facial Cleanser

It helps to reduce the appearance of large pores and remove excess dirt and oil, getting rid of these impurities.

Key ingredients
  • Lactic acid-reduces acne/breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging
  • Glycolic acid- effectively dissolves the dead cells on the surface of skin
  • Citric acid- promotes re-growth to prevent against aging
How to use

Wet hands and face. Squeeze gel into hands and apply to face. Gently massage avoiding contact with eyes. Remove completely with wet wash cloth. Follow with lukewarm water splashes to remove any trace of residue.

Sugar Scrub

This all natural hydrating, revitalizing, exfoliating scrub features delicate sugar crystals and nourishing precious oils offering up to 24 hours of moisture. Not only good for the face but can be used anywhere on the body!!

Key ingredients
  • Sucrose- great skin emollient
  • Mineral Oil-helps moisturize and replenish dry skin
  • Chamomile-Has and antiseptic and anti-inflammatory abilities that help decongest clogged pores making it one of the best extracts for acne. Very effective in protecting the skin against free radicals.
  • Cucumber- contains ascorbic acid and caffeic acid, both of which help soothe skin irritation and reduce swelling these acids prevent water retention.
How to use

Apply a moderate amount to finger tips and massage in circular motions onto skin avoiding eyes and rinse with lukewarm water. Can be used on lips, feet, or other areas of the body.


Combine scrub with our diamond cleanser and create an even more exfoliating cleanse leaving your skin smooth, soft, and supple

Hyaluronic Moisturizer

This moisturizer is just that drink of water your skin has been craving.

Key Ingredients
  • Hyaluronic acid- draws water to the skin and helps prevent moisture loss
How to use

Apply morning and evening to the skin in a light thin layer and allow to dry.

Tinted SPF

This unique sunscreen provides protection from the sun’s harmful damaging ray’s,with broad spectrum SPF 30 UVA/UVB. It contains green tea which helps neutralize free radicals that can cause significant damage, it also contains lipoic acid which offers broad spectrum protection to the skin. This aloe based SPF not only helps to moisturize skin but also fights against the UV rays. Extra bonus it will enhance skin without hiding it! Use it in place of foundation for a nice healthy fresh glow. Your skin will be sun kissed not sunburned!

How to use

Apply liberally before sun exposure as needed. Re-apply as needed, or after swimming, perspiring, or towel drying.

Key Ingredients
  • Aloe- provides healing to the skin and reduces inflammation
  • Lipoic Acid- prevents cell damage
  • Green Tea- Helps delay signs of aging and protect skin from harmful free radicals. Protects against sagging skin, sun damage, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.