Spritz Sparkle
Spritz Sparkle
Spritz Bottle

Spritz & Sparkle

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With our Spritz & sparkle bundle you can tone, hydrate and highlight all day long. This bundle includes our toner that can be mixed with our Diamond Dust glow Duster and poured in the the Spritz bottle for a sparkling glow. The aluminum Spritz bottle is great for keeping your products chilled on sunny days, just keep it in the fridge.

Facial Toner 8oz

Recondition your skin! This alcohol/free aloe based toner gently removes excess oils, impurities while retaining the natural PH level of skin. The botanical extracts will help to stimulate blood circulation and destroy acne-causing bacteria. This cool and refreshing tonic can be used throughout the day to revitalize and give your skin that extra boost, leaving your skin reenergized hydrated and glowing!

Diamond Dust

The “Diamond Glow Dusters” are a perfect gift (for yourself or a loved one) during this Holiday season!

Create a gorgeous flawless look using our loose powder diamond dusters. The finer particles in these dusters create an ultimate glow as soon as they are applied. Use a little for a sheer subtle wash of color or layer it for a dramatic intense look. Long lasting, blendable pigments never streak, are anti-cakey, creating exactly the eye-catching look you are going for.

Spritz Bottle

Each of our round aluminum bottles comes with a black fine mist sprayer. These bottles are perfect for misting your toner as a setting spray or to rehydrate through out the day. The aluminum also keeps your products nice and chilled if put into the frigid on a nice sunny day!

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