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Be Flawless Skin



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Diamonds are forever, created under immense pressure and it takes years upon years for one to form, which makes them strong, unbreakable, flawless, and unique! Diamonds never lose their shine like every one of you, let YOUR light shine from the inside out.

In honor of Chiquis' new North American Tour "Diamond Tour" we present to you our Diamond Kit! 

This specially designed kit includes our Revitalizing Toner to combat excess oil & refine pores, Tinted Glow & Protect SPF 30 that has a flattering tint while protecting your skin all day, Vitamin C Exfoliating Mask to eliminate anti aging cells, mini Reina Perfume to feel like royalty all day long, and our brand NEW Luster Lip Armor to protect & nourish your lips. 

How To Use

Step 1: Revitalizing Toner
- After cleansing, apply onto face and neck.
- Avoid eye area.
- Can be used AM/PM.

Step 2: Tinted Glow & Protect SPF 30
- For protection, apply to face and neck.
- Rub in formula.
- Do not rinse.
- Reapply as needed.

Step 3: Vitamin C Mask
- For a deeper cleanse, apply an even layer of the mask.
- Rub in gentle circular motions.
- Leave on skin 20 to 30 minutes.
- Rinse off and pat dry.
- Use PM, 2-3 times a week, depending on skin type.

Step 4: Reina Perfume
- Apply to pulse points: wrist, chest, and neck.
- Reapply as needed.

Step 5: Luster Lip Armor
- Apply to lips, reapply as needed.


Revitalizing Toner:
- Glycerin- tightens pores by removing surface debris and remaining residue, without stripping skin.
- Sodium PCA- holds on to water which revives dehydrated skin, giving you a healthy glow.
- Panthenol- promotes skin healing, and strengthens skin barriers.
- Alcohol free.
- Helps refine skin texture.
- Balances skin ph allowing your other skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin to work more effectively.
- For all skin types.

Tinted Glow & Protect SPF 30
- Broad spectrum SPF 30.
- UVA/UVB protection.
- Lactic Acid- helps with cell turn over & lessens the appearance of fine lines.
- Vitamin C- brightens skin & lightens complexion.
- Vitamin E - powerful antioxidant to nourish, and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals.
- Leaves your skin naturally glowing all day long.
- For all skin types.

Vitamin C Mask:
- Raw Vitamin C- brightens skin, and adds luminosity to the skin.
- Lactic Acid - helps cell turn over & lessens the appearance of fine lines.
- Helps with free radicals
- Helps to remove dead skin cells.
- For all skin types.

Reina Perfume:
- Jasmine- helps reduce stress and anxiety.
- Ambergris- helps prevent fragrance from evaporating.
- Vegan friendly.
- Paraben free.
- Lightweight for every day use.

Luster Lip Armor:
- 2 Molecular Weighted Hyaluronic Acids- one deliver visible results by plumping and hydrating lips & one that provides an intense & deeper hydration to lower layers of your lips.
- Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate- visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
- Polyhydroxystearic Acid- stimulates lips and boosts collagen production
- Titanium Dioxide- a mineral based sunscreen that reflects and scatters UVA/UVB rays, creating a protective layer that protects lips from skin damage.
- Zinc Oxide- Protects your lips from harmful UVA/UVB rays.
- Vitamins A, C, D & E- improves texture by increasing collagen production, improves wound healing & speeds up cell generation.
- Fatty Acids- create a protective barrier that prevents moisture from escaping & protects lips from environmental factors.
- Shea Butter- beneficial for dry, cracked lips, it helps nourish & moisturize your lips.
- Beeswax- seals in moisture & has anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe chapped lips.


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